Beginning of Blogging

Throughout this multimedia production class I am hoping to gain experience with not only blogging but photography and social media. I know that your wondering why a 21 year old is excited to learn about social media because according to my mom I should be an expert since I am on it all the time but I want to learn how it relates to businesses. For businesses to succeed in today’s world they have to have a social media presence, and I am excited to learn what the most effective platform of media is for businesses. I have always thought that to be a good photographer one must have the expensive camera and have practiced using it for hours, but in this class we are just going to be using our phone cameras. Which means that anyone can be a photographer… even me! As you can tell, I am very excited for this!

But first I have to learn how to blog… This could be interesting because I have never been one to be good at using technology. Again I know this is surprising since I am 21 years old… but honestly how many people know how to blog? I haven’t heard a lot about blogging, and before this class I had never even read a blog. Shocking, I know.

Some topics for my blogs that I have in mind are, talking to people who watch day time shows (like I do, maybe the Maury show) and seeing what their thoughts about it are, also talking to others who are raising a puppy and what their struggles have been. My blog is completely open to discussing whatever I happen to run across for that week because I am someone who is not creative until I see something that sparks my interest.

There are some topics that I would like to stay away from and these are mostly controversial topics. This is simply because there is already enough of these topics covered daily and no one wants to keep hearing about the same topics over and over. I am not here to bore you or have you read the same thing that you’ve already seen a 1,ooo times, instead I am here to interest you in what interests me. I hope you all are ready for this adventure because I sure am!

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