Right Place, Right Time

“Taking a breather”; Colorado State Rams players, Lauren Brocke (22) and Lore Devos (35), standing on the court during Saturday’s game against University of Wyoming. The Rams lost 32-56 against the Cowgirls.

This photo is a non-action sports photo. I learned about this event throughout campus all week, because it is the famous “Border War” game. Since this was a big time rival for Wyoming, the atmosphere in the “Dome of Doom” was intense. It was very difficult to photograph this event because as a student you are only allowed to get so close to the court. Therefore I ended up sitting behind the cheerleaders and I struggled to make sure to not get them in my photo. I wanted to get closer to the players in hopes of getting the emotions on their faces. When I was photographing this event I was looking more towards people who were watching the action, and reacting instead of being in the action. The creative device in this photo is symmetry because the two players balance the photo and are almost standing in the exact same position, it creates a mirror effect because the two girls have almost the same body structure.

“Taking it to the Hoop”; Wyoming Cowgirls player, Taylor Rusk (4), bringing the ball up the court on Saturdays game against the CSU Rams. The Cowgirls “Swept the Sheep” with a 56-32 win over the Rams.

This photo is a sports action photo. I had learned about the womens basketball game throughout the week from multiple people on campus. At this point in the game the score was close and the players were giving it their all. The crowd and atmosphere was holding their breath because we wanted the Cowgirls to score every time they had the ball. My experience photographing this event was challenging. I was frustrated because I couldn’t get any closer or get around the cheerleaders who are in the picture. I felt like my phone camera was a little slow because all my photos were coming out blurry. It was very difficult to get this shot and I still don’t think it is a great shot. When photographing action shots, I felt like I was getting very invested into what the person was feeling at that moment. I wanted to show the drive and passion on her face, but also the drive and passion in her movements. The creative device in this photo is rule of thirds because there is something present in each third of the photo. However, there is also contrast because the viewers eye goes to the one player in the different colored jersey since everyone around her is in a darker color.

“Hard at work”; Shauna Loman, is a senior at the University of Wyoming, and she is also a supervisior at the Half Acre Gym on campus. She is working on rolling hand wraps while she has a break from her other responsiblilities.

This photo is a feature photo. For this photo I saw her hard a work but also laughing with a few other employees so I took out my phone and snapped a picture. This shot was easy to get because I didn’t have a picture in my mind of what I thought it should look like. When photographing this I felt like I need to hurry and get the shot, or else if they knew I was taking pictures it would have changed how she was acting. The creative device in this picture is focus because the main subject is right in the middle of the picture and in focus while the back round is blurred a little.

“A little laughter”; Bailey Karp, is a junior here at the University of Wyoming, despite the Wyoming cold Bailey is smiling through it.

This photo is a portrait. I saw her walk into the same room that I was in and noticed her face was a little pink from the cold. My experience photographing a portrait was far different than other photos, I felt a bit weird and so did she. Obviously she knew I was taking this picture and asked what to do in it, and I replied just be yourself. It was easy to get this shot because I just talked to her and snapped pictures constantly, then when looking back through them I found this one and it seemed very natural. The creative device is focus because her face is very in focus and then you look at her hair and its become more blurred as you look around the picture.

“Doggy Fun”; Emma Brouillard playing with her dog Charlie in the sunny weather.

This is a feature photo. I was with my dog at the dog park and these two were out as well. My experience taking this photo was very fun, and it was a little challenging because I wanted to capture the dog having fun too. I felt very happy taking this photo because I knew that it would turn out to be a fun photo. The creative device in this photo is color because her jacket is a very bright pink that stands out against the rest of the photo.

I was surprised that this assignment was pretty challenging. I thought it would be easy to capture certain moments, and I had this idea of what I thought each photo should look like but they turned out to be different. I wish I could have gotten certain pictures to be clearer or caught the right moment but I think that will come with time.

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