Growing Up in a Different World

“Reflecting”; Judith Williams, a woman who encountered the difficulties of up in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Full Audio:

Edited Audio:

Interviewing someone with an audio recorder felt strange at first but after the interviewee began talking, I forgot that it was being recorded. It felt just like we were having a normal conversation besides that I was refraining from talking back. Editing the audio was a very difficult assignment because I was very unfamiliar with the program and didn’t know what parts of the conversation should be cut or not. I did enjoy hearing someone’s story and listening back to it, I thought that was pretty cool.

Capturing my portrait photo was fun because you could really tell that my interviewee was enjoying this whole experience. I would have liked to capture the photo in her accounting office but she is retired so I just wanted to capture her smile and her overall essence. It would have been good to capture her outside the college she attended as well but that was hours away from where we met.

This assignment surprised me because I never realized how enjoyable audio can be when you are interested in what is being talked about. I grew up listening to NPR, and despised it because it was boring to me. The stories that they told were not anything that I was interested in hearing about. Finding something that your interested in listening to is very important to enjoying audio.

I wish my interview could have been longer because there were things we talked about after the interview that I would have liked to recorded but overall I thought capturing the audio was the easy part but editing it was a challenge.

I think I could use audio in public relations by having the CEO of the company or a major public figure tell their story in a way that everyone can connect with them. This would allow people to feel connected and similar to these higher up people thus them supporting the company.

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