Going Live

I gave going live a try on Twitter this week and it was honestly difficult. Have you ever tried to pay attention to an event and record every part of it along the way?

The event that I captured live was the kitty de-stressor at the Half Acre Gym on the University of Wyoming campus. The wellness center puts on these types of events to help students de-stress from their crazy schedules.

For my tweets I used a journalistic approach because I thought that if I just informed people of the event that they would then want to come and attend. I did not think that a public relations approach would have been as effective getting the knowledge out about the event as it was going on.

The part I enjoyed most about this experience was tweeting real time facts. It’s really amazing that in real time everyone can see what you are doing at that moment. I did not enjoy that I was tweeting instead of being involved in the event. It was hard to tweet really quick and then get back to the event, I just felt like I was on my phone the entire time.

From this assignment I learned how to tweet because I have never used Twitter before this. I was surprised by the fact that people live tweet events and there is an audience for it. I have never found myself sitting at home following someone going live on Twitter.

The one thing that I wish I could have done differently is bettering the content of my tweets. I wasn’t sure what information should be put into tweets, but looking back there was better statements that I could have made.

In my future career I see myself using social media quite frequently in order to reach my audience. I do not see myself going live in my future career though because I think public relations is more about promoting events and talking about events after they occur.

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