Best Mexican Food in Fort Collins

Wondering where to eat is always an issue and most of the time you just go to the same boring places that you always eat at. Trying new places can be scary too because your not sure if its going to be good or not.

This blog post is here to help! I have listed my five favorite Mexican restaurants in Fort Collins on an interactive <a href="

“>map, that way you don’t get lost either! There might be a few places that you’ve heard of or tried but hopefully there are a couple new ones! I personally love to try great new restaurants.

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant front entry in Fort Collins is featured. Photo courtesy of

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins is the original Rio. It’s location is in downtown Fort Collins so after your done eating there is plenty of entertainment and other activities to enjoy. The lively atmosphere makes this restaurant one to try on the weekends. The food here is outstanding and until your food arrives you get to indulge in chips and salsa. Their legendary margaritas are a must try, but you are only allowed three! Some people just come for drinks and visiting, either way you have to make a stop here.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Dining area of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop located in Fort Collins. Photo courtesy of

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is a great place to not only enjoy your meal but enjoy a great atmosphere. After ordering your food it’s ready in a short amount of time, and is steaming hot. “Their spicy pork tacos are the best,” says Tanner Dill. The tacos here are great because you can order however many that you want and they can be different kinds too. This allows you to try multiple kinds but not have to buy different meals. This is a place that many people enjoy going to get drinks at and hang out. They have a variety of drinks to choose from but are well known for their frozen beverages.

Qdoba Mexican Eats

Night view of the Qdoba restaurant in Fort Collins. Photo courtesy of

Qdoba Mexican Eats is a chain Mexican restaurant so its surprising if you have never eaten it, however, their queso is iconic according to Dill. Qdoba is like Subway but for burritos, and you are able to customize your entire dinner, ensuring it is made the way you want it. They also serve breakfast burritos so you can stop by and grab one on your way to work or school! Here you are able to just take your food and go or sit and enjoy it in their dining area. Either way its made quickly and ready to eat.

Café Mexicali

The outside view of Café Mexicali in Fort Collins. Photo courtesy of

Café Mexicali is a very unique Mexican style restaurant. It has the same set up as Qdoba but they serve very different types of food. This restaurant is well known for their sweet pork and personally that is my favorite. Here you are able to customize your food, and they also have a wide choice of sauces to choose from. Their food portions are huge, so you might want to consider sharing with someone or you can just have leftovers! Its made so that you can take it and go but there is a dining area if you choose to stay.

Inca Mexican Restaurant

Front entry to Inca Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins. Photo courtesy of

Inca Mexican Restaurant is a sit down restaurant where you can enjoy a nice conversation with your guests. Here you will experience great customer service and authentic Mexican food. They have an extensive menu to choose from which allows for new choices every time you go. “They have huge portions and I personally like their fajitas,” says Dill.

Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant

The main entrance to Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins. Photo courtesy of

Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant is not located in Pueblo in fact its location is in the heart of Fort Collins, Old Town Square. Here you can enjoy tons of entertainment and have a night on the town. There lengthy menu allows for any mood you may be feeling; taco’s, chile relleno’s, tamale’s and much much more. They are an authentic family Mexican restaurant and their food tastes homemade. The portions here are large as well but reasonably priced.

There are other Mexican restaurants in Fort Collins that are good as well but I just wanted to share these six with you because they are my favorites and hopefully they will become yours too.

As you can see there are multiple places to get good Mexican food from. This map will help narrow down the choices so that you don’t waste your time or money trying to find a good place to eat. Hopefully next time your out in Fort Collins looking to try something new, you will give one of these places a try!

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