Laramie Fitness

For this assignment we decided to make a video about the addition to the Laramie Fitness center. We were able to learn about the new equipment that was added along with the addition to the gym space. We learned about the impact that the addition has had on members and some of their favorite new machines.

I enjoyed coming up with a vision about how I wanted to video to look and what I wanted to cover. I thought it was exciting to come up with an idea about what to show in the video and talk about. However, I did not enjoy actually creating the video. I thought it was incredibly hard to make my vision “come to life.”

The thing that surprised me the most about this project was how much it was like doing the audio project. We started our video by editing the audio files and then adding in our videos that we took. I was surprised that I did not find this assignment to be awkward when filming the videos. This might be because throughout this course we need to get out of our comfort zone.

I wish we would have gotten more videos to put with the audio but there just wasn’t anything else to take videos of. I also wish that the final product would have looked a bit more professional with the video and audio quality. I felt as though we were on a time crunch and didn’t have enough time to go back and redo some of the interviews and videos but I learned what to look for next time at the beginning of the project.

I could see myself using video in my future career, to cover important events and promote the business. I think knowing how to take good video and edit video is a good skill to have with any communication or journalism job these days. Hopefully by then I will have learned how to use the editing software better, and maybe use a better camera instead of an iPhone.

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