Trip Down Memory Lane

After re-reading my first ever blog (which is a good one, if you ask me), I remember how many skills that I was hoping to take away from this class. Honestly though, I did learn a lot about photography and social media! I was expecting this class to be fun but not something that I would use in my future career (I say this because I thought we would be blogging the entire time), but it was so much more than that. I have learned to take pictures, use twitter, learn about Instagram, edit audio, take video and most importantly I learned that I kinda like all of these things!! But what makes all that even better is I know how to do all of those things in a business aspect. I know how to tweet a live event, promote things through Instagram and how to conduct audio interviews.

I even continued taking pictures, because I realized that I really enjoy trying to capture a specific moment. My dog is always the subject of my photo sessions, which I like to believe he enjoys it (even though I know he doesn’t). Here’s a cute picture I took of him just because!

My cute little puppy, Braxton, soaking up the sun in Laramie, Wyoming.

I learned many, many soft skills throughout this course so I will only mention the biggest one and that my friends is…… patience. Fun fact about myself is that I don’t typically have a lot of patience, especially when it comes to technology. I had to learn how to create a blog, upload media content, embed media, create a google map, edit audio and create a digital video. Let me tell you something, all of these assignments tested my patience. I remember editing my audio blog and it took me well over an hour to just figure out how to delete parts. I thought that I wasn’t going to finish the assignment in time but I figured it out and actually really enjoyed it!

Patience is something that everyone needs to learn before starting their careers because a lot of the time things are not going to go as planned. You might think a project will only take a couple hours and then you end up working on it for days. Having patience with co-workers is also important because these are people that you are going to be working with on multiple projects so better figure out how to get along with them quickly!

The most meaningful blog that I created was by far my audio blog. I got to share someone’s story with everyone else, and I also got to see the interviewees eye’s light up when I asked her to talk about something that was so special to her. It was humbling to sit there and listen as someone describes a part of their life to you.

The most challenging blog was definitely the google maps blog. I had no idea that people could even create google maps, that was a complete surprise to me! I telling you, technology these days is super crazy! I think it was so challenging because creating the pins, a description and adding a photo, is a lot harder than it sounds.

If I could go back and give myself any advice about this course it would be to enjoy it more. Getting good grades has always been important to me but I was able to create some pretty amazing projects that I wish I could have enjoyed the process a little more. “Stop and smell the roses,” but seriously stop and enjoy the creativity of this course, its not every semester you get a class like this one.

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